I Can Prove That After Filing, There Is Life After Bankruptcy

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If you persevere, and fulfill all the requirements of the bankruptcy process, then you will emerge with a new lease on life, a discharge of your dischargeable debts.

Over the course of my over 20 years in practice, I’ve learned a lot about bankruptcy. The practice of bankruptcy law, the roles of the court, trustees, and creditors. Most of all, I’ve learned a lot about how my clients fared before, during, and after filing bankruptcy.

When a client first talks with me, almost every one of them is afraid of filing for bankruptcy. Many are painfully conflicted over whether it is the “right” decision. Will they regret the decision because they can’t get credit for seven years, or more?

I give an identical reply to each of these clients. I say, “If your bankruptcy filing ends up being a big life mistake. If as a consequence of filing bankruptcy, you lose your job, or your security clearance. If you are evicted from your home, or if you can’t buy or rent a home nor can you buy a car. If any of these consequences happen to you, then please come back and tell me.” In over twenty years, not one single client has ever returned with a tale of post-bankruptcy woe.

I’ve compiled material on my site that will help explain what life after bankruptcy is like, and why it’s important that you understand that bankruptcy, though a process that must be carefully executed according to federal law, is not the end of your life, but is the beginning of a new chapter:

By filing bankruptcy, you can eliminate debt and reduce your expenses. After bankruptcy, you will be in a much better position to manage credit. You can rebuild a solid credit profile that you can manage comfortably as long as you have a steady income. You can look to the future, towards long-delayed goals, like saving money for a better car, or a vacation, or putting away money for retirement.

Most people start by obtaining a secured credit card with a low limit. After six months to a year after your Chapter 7 discharge, your credit score will bounce back enough to make you a viable borrower for a car.

And how about buying a house? In fact, the Federal Housing Administration’s Back to Work – Extenuating Circumstances mortgage loan program shortens the waiting period to buy a home to as little as one year after you’ve had a bankruptcy, foreclosure, deed in lieu of foreclosure, or short sale.
After filing bankruptcy, there is life after bankruptcy

We’re With You. All the Way Back.

I have compiled a record of service to my clients that is based upon my determination to be of help to them long after their case is over. Most of the articles on my site and the newsletters I’ve authored contain financial planning advice, including those linked above. The newsletter archive is posted on my site in case you would like to review previous editions at a later time. I am both proud and humbled by the comments my clients say in person and the reviews they’ve freely left about my staff and I on the web. I am committed to helping my clients resume their lives on a solid footing—all the way back after bankruptcy.

The newsletters and articles I write are free, and will remain so. You can rely on a regular series of updates throughout the year. I am motivated to write new articles that directly address questions asked by clients, to help them clarify questions they have, and relieve some of the worries that they feel. Day by day, I listen to my clients’ concerns and questions, and author articles with what I learn from these conversations.

Introducing Our Annual Financial Review Program

One of the services we are planning to offer our clients in the future is an annual financial plan review for clients who have completed their bankruptcy case. The program is an opportunity for you to schedule an in-person appointment to go over your individual financial circumstances, post-bankruptcy.  We want to help you avoid pitfalls, and to make your life after bankruptcy the best it can be.

We are taking appointments now, during tax season, our busiest season of the year. Each appointment is at least an hour in length, and is offered at a flat rate of $100. During April, we’re offering post-bankruptcy financial review appointments at a discounted rate of $75/hour. Make your appointment by calling us at (253) 383-1001, or by contacting us through our website, and keep the positive energy and momentum going in your life after bankruptcy.