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James H MaGee Washington Bankruptcy Attorney

James H MaGee Washington Bankruptcy Attorney

Bankruptcy is a Prudent Step Towards Rebuilding Your Life.
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Please contact us either by telephone at (509) 793-3974 or by using the e-mail form below to arrange an appointment with Mr. MaGee. We offer appointments in our Washington state office located in Moses Lake.

After making your appointment with Mr. MaGee, please make use of our clickable map for driving directions to the office you selected for your appointment.

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Moses Lake:

Law Offices of James H MaGee Washington Bankruptcy Attorney

406 West Broadway, Suite B
Moses Lake, Washington 98837

Phone: (509) 793-3974

You may also contact us by e-mail to schedule an appointment.

A clickable map appears below, and provides driving directions to our office.

Driving Directions:

Using the marker on the map below to select our Moses Lake office.
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