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The Most Important Plan You Can Make To Protect Your Loved Ones Today

Protect your loved ones and ensure that your wishes are followed. Make sure that your estate plan contains your current will, establishes your Power of Attorney, and contains your current Health Care Directive today.

Why is this so important? An estate plan? A will? The recession was painful for many people. The recovery is still lukewarm. Millions filed bankruptcy or at least thought about it. I understand the situation all too well. While eking out a living, hoping to achieve financial recovery, who has time to worry about a will?

Aren’t Wills Just For Wealthy People?

Modern wills are important for people in all walks of life, especially with advances in modern medicine. Without proper estate planning, you could be kept alive in a state you don’t want to endure; kept in that state because you are unable to speak up and say, “I’ve had enough! Let me go!” Your assets could be distributed according to the decisions of total strangers, or be subject to taxation that leaves less than you hoped for your loved ones. Your burial wishes might not be known. The list of unintended consequences goes on.

While these issues are not the most pleasant to consider, they are very important, especially as we get older, if we have complicated estates to distribute, or if we have explicit wishes for property distribution to family members, charities, and other recipients. You can address these concerns with my expert help by either updating or creating your will. The average tax refund is more than enough to settle these questions and gain peace of mind.
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