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Dying man’s last wish: that you learn how to effectively invest – see “The Investment Answer” by Gordon Murray

Mr. Gordon has brain cancer. He is going to die, soon. Mr. Gordon used to sell expensive "actively managed" financial products that rarely, if ever, beat the market. Mr. Gordon feels poorly about this, and he wants you to learn how to avoid people like him who want to eat up all of your investment results through expensive actively managed mutual and bond funds.

Mr. Gordon wrote a book, it is called "The Investment Answer", co-written by Daniel C. Goldie.

If you are now earing more money, or have had your debts relieved, you should now have more funds to put away for your future.

Please consider reading Mr. Murray’s book.

You can get an overview of his book from the Saturday, November 27, 2010, NY Times article by Ron Lieber: