Fields of Tears: Two of Two: Reflections on unemployment and the Illegal immigration “problem”.

Many economic downturns have been accompanied by a good dose of anti-immigrant sentiment.

I ask that before you say, write, post, preach or ponder things for which you may some day be embarrased, that you take a short moment to pause about the reasons for and origins of immigration. Economics is the key driver of immigration, it seems.

Yes, immigrants do adapt and I do not suggest that immigrants need not adapt a bit and become multi-lingual…but "we" can adapt, too. America his hispanicizing, like it or not. You can’t stop it, I can’t stop it, the government can’t stop it.

With immigration comes a great opportunity. If you offer a good, skill or service, consider learning the immigrant’s language and reach out. You may be enriched both personally and financially. If you speak Spanish and English as an Anglo, I doubt you will ever be unemployed again with such a foreign language skill.

This second of two blog posts focuses on The Economist artice at page 39 of the Decembert 18, 2010 edition covering the time period 12/18/10-12/31/10, entitled "Field of Tears". Economist articles are written and published without author attribution. However, whoever wrote these articles "gets it".

The story focused on the journey and life of Teresa Vega and Marco Lopez, a married couple from Oaxaca, Mexico. They came to the United States illegally in 2005 when their oldest son died after a flood contaminated their town. They wished for a better and more sanitary life with health longevity for their family. I provided a summary of this story in the earlier post.

Now, on to the "meat" of this post.

Many Americans are convinced that undocumented workers take jobs that American nationals would otherwise perform.

To disprove this notion, the United Farmworkers Union ran a promotion called "Take Our Jobs".

In the "Take Our Jobs" promotion this past summer of 2010, Americans were invited to work in the fields harvesting fruit. In the following three months of the promotion, 3,000,000 people visited the website But 40% of the visits/postings resulted in hate mail.

Only 8,600 people expressed an interest in working in the fields reports Maria Machuca, the United Farm Workers’ spokesperson.

As of late September 2010, only seven American applicants in the "take our jobs" campaign were actually out picking crops.

Perhaps the failure of the "Take Our Jobs" program may mute some of the complainants who deride hispanic immigrants as "taking" jobs away from Anglos.

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