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Insurable on parents’ health care policies until age 26? – Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act – Check with your insurance agent!

Harvard Law Professor and consumer advocate Elizabeth Warren has estimated that some 40%+ of family bankruptcies have a nexus with medical losses.

If you have young adult children struggling to make their way in the world, there may be a break for you and them.

The new health laws may enable to you add children to your policies up until they reach 26 years of age. Do not assume that such children are now "automatically" added – there is likely some paperwork that you will need to complete in order to ensure that your older children are on the policy. The older children may be eligible to be added immediately, but there may be a premium increase, so research the situation and be prepared.

This would end the policy of many insurers of booting children off of the policy once they reach 23 years of age.

Again, check with your insurance agent – the coverage may not be self-executing nor automatic – you probably have to affirmatively move in writing to extend or re-establish coverage for such adult children who have previously aged-out of coverage, but remain under age 26.

For more information, see the September 23, 2010, NY Times article by Jacob S. Hacker and Carl DeTorres, Jacob S. Hacker is a professor of political science at Yale University. http://www.nytimes.com/interactive/2010/09/23/opinion/20100923_opart.html?scp=1&sq=The%20Health%20of%20Reform%20Jacob%20S.%20Hacker&st=cse

See Also Kevin Sack’s NY Times Article of the same September 23, 2010: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/23/health/policy/23careintro.html?_r=1&scp=1&sq=For%20Many%20Families,%20Health%20CAre%20Relief%20Begins%20Today&st=cse

See Also Kevin Sack’s further articles – covers three "real life" stories about (1) the chronically ill, (2) lifetime healthcare caps and (3) insuring adult children to age 26 on parents’ policies: http://topics.nytimes.com/top/news/health/diseasesconditionsandhealthtopics/health_insurance_and_managed_care/health_care_reform/index.html?scp=2&sq=For%20Many%20Families,%20Health%20CAre%20Relief%20Begins%20Today&st=cse

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