Retirement But Not Totally

The economy has had a great impact on those facing retirement. Many have lost jobs or have been forced to take jobs that pay much less than pre-recession employment.  In addition, many people have lost homes due to foreclosure and high mortgages that greatly exceed their home’s value. Bankruptcy fillings in the pre-retirement demographic are skyrocketing, and have been high for many years.

With the growing costs of necessities such as food, gas, and medical care, many people worry whether or not social security can provide a comfortable retirement.

One way to help ensure quality of life in retirement is to keep working.  And there are many places in the country that can provide better working opportunities than others.

A recent article, highlights the 25 top cities for a working requirement.  What ever your preferences may be location, culture and climate wise, this article may help you choose a top location to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Cities 18-25

  • 25. Athens, Georgia: This beautiful college town sits at a high-ranking on the Milken Institute’s Job and Economic Growth Index with a 6.9% unemployment rate which is a refreshingly low percent compared to the country’s average of 8.5%.  Not to mention that this town enjoys very favorable climate and weather, house pricing is an average of just $130,000.
  • 24.  Austin, Texas:  Perks to living in this city include low crime rate,  a cost of living 7% below the country’s average, and no state income tax.  House pricing is a little above the national average at $950,000, but still reasonable.
  • 23.  Bismarck, North Dakota: Doctors per capita are at an amazing 50%, which is above the country’s norm.  Winters here may be cold, but unemployment rates are at only 2.8%.
  • 22. Bloomington, Illinois: This city is the head of State Farm, which results in a steady economy.  Cost of living sits on the national average and unemployment is at 6.8%.
  • 21. Cheyenne, Wyoming: Crime rates are low and physicians are plenty.  It’s one of the least populated cities on this list and has a 6.5% unemployment rate. Winters here are cold, however.
  • 20.  College Station, Texas: This is a college town, and is leading in job and economic growth.  5.8% unemployment, plenty of doctors and a warm and sunny climate also make up this town.
  • 19. Columbia, Missouri: The physician per capita rate in this city is more than three times higher than the national average. The unemployment rate is 5.0% and this city is known for having great job and economic growth.
  • 18. Corvallis, Oregon: Yet another college town, Corvallis has 5.8% unemployment rate and room for strong economic growth.  There’s no state sales tax, plenty of doctors and low violent crime rate.

These are the top 18-25 finishers for cities offering a working retirement, so if you are looking for an economy that is more impressive than just “so-so” maybe one of these cities should be considered for your comfortable working retirement.  Stay tuned for a follow-up post detailing the next 9-17 cities .

Relocation may be a great retirement planning tool. Discharging or reorganizing your debt, as seen as possible through a bankruptcy proceeding, may also be a prudent step towards retirement planning.

After bankruptcy, you may well have funds to fortify your saving accounts and 401k/IRA account. This can help ease the financial crunch which often accompanies retirement.  Call us if you or a friend might like to invest in a bankruptcy filing.


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