Unemployment up in two-thirds of metropolitain areas re: November 2010

Unemployment rates rose in more than two-thirds of the nation’s largest metro areas in November, a sharp reversal from the previous month and the most since June.

The Department of Labor recited on January 2, 2011, that unemployment rates rose in 258 of the 372 largest cities, fell in 88 cities and remained the same in 26 cities. That was worse than the previous month, in which rates fell in 200 areas.

Areas with weakness in the housing market are seeing growing unemployment e.g. California, Nevada, Florida and Georgia. Las Vegas, Atlanta, San Francisco and Miami also saw increases in unemployment.

November 2010 unemployment rose to 9.8% from 9.6% over October 2010.

Many laid-off workers are giving up on job searches.

Washington may have made some small gains during this time period, but remains at 9.2% unemployment for November 2010.

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