Update: Mortgage Rates Fall To Record Lows Yet Again

Last Week it was reported that 30-year mortgage rates decreased the lowest this rate has ever been. The average rate for a 30-year fixed mortgage is now at 3.94%, and could continue to drop now that the Federal Reserve plans to try and lower long-term rates. For those who qualify, now is the time to refinance or buy.

The week before last, the average rate for a 30-year mortgage had fallen to 4.01%, the previous record low. Rate have been hitting record lows for more than a year now, but have not helped in increasing overall home sales. Even with this downward trend, many people don’t have the money, or the equity, to buy or refinance, and the one’s that do, are reluctant to take the financial risks involved with buying a new home in this economy. That being said, many homeowners with good, stable jobs have refinanced over the past year, saving them money on mortgage payments, giving them more financial freedom.

It has been shown that a drop in mortgage rates can help boost a sinking economy, by increasing home sales and lowering interest payments, but this past year has been amongst the worst for home sales in the last 14 years. High unemployment, low wages, and heavy debt loads, have kept people from buying or refinancing. Don’t let this be you. Consider bankruptcy to minimize your debt, and give you more financial security.

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