What Insurance Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Receiving proper compensation from an insurance company due to injuries to you or a loved one is important for your family’s ongoing financial security.

You can recover lost wages, medical bills,  future reduced income as well as both temporary and permanent physical limitations.

Selecting the right attorney is crucial when dealing with highly specialized fields like bankruptcy and personal injury. Mr. Matt Van Giesen is my injury attorney of choice, and he is the guest author of this post on our site.

Matt Van Gieson, Attorney

As we all know, insurance companies want to make billions and billions of dollars. I mean, who doesn’t? What we don’t know is just how they do it. Yes; charge more in premiums and pay less in claims is the trick. But just how do they do that?

Tactic #1: Settle Fast and Cheap.

They push hard and fast—go to your home, take you to lunch, offer you $500 bucks—whatever. Just get a signature and then sit back and enjoy that you just saved them thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.

But if that doesn’t work, well then, welcome to 3D land!

Now I wish I could tell you that this is some sort of fun attraction like an IMAX 3D movie, but no! It’s a notorious way insurance companies wear out injured people and get them to settle their claim for sometimes pennies on the dollar.

Tactic #2: The 3Ds: Delay, Deny, Defend.

You’ve successfully resisted the “shock and awe”, “sign your life away” blitz of the insurance company. You’re feeling pretty good, but now the more devious of practices awaits—delay, delay, delay.

Life happens and the more the insurance company can delay, the tougher it is for you, the injured person, to resist settling for whatever the insurance company will offer. Work is missed, medical bills pile up, and collection notices arrive—all giving the insurance companies leverage to get you to sign on the dotted line.

But you persist, and make it past the delay phase. You’ve been valiant so far—only to find out that the next turn brings you into denial. Yep, they won’t pay your claim! They make up some ridiculous excuse of how you are at fault or were not hurt in the collision and then politely—or not so politely—deny your claim.

They’ve got you where they want you. You’re hurting and your only options are take the insurance companies low ball offer or bring a lawsuit. Yep, the billion dollar insurance company with its legions of lawyers is inviting, tempting you into its playground—the courtroom. “Come fight me, but beware I fight here every day. I know how to defend and defeat you.” This is where many cave and sign on the dotted line.

But that doesn’t have to be you. You don’t have to add to the insurance companies bottom line. When tragedy strikes, seek out a well-qualified injury lawyer and let your attorney take the fight to insurance company and get you what you deserve.

A professional athlete doesn’t go to bat and personally negotiate his own contract. The serious athlete hires a professional, as do musicians and artists, because they know that having a professional fighter on their side against a billion dollar industry is essential.

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