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WOW! Elizabeth Warren, Harvard Law Professor, may be nominated to serve as new Consumer Protection Czar!

This is about as big as it gets in the world of a bankruptcy lawyer! This story in The New York Times talks about the controversy that will ensue if President Obama should nominate Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren to the newly created Consumer Protection Czar position, a Presidential cabinet level position. Those of you who have met with me perhaps recall me speaking of Elizabeth Warren as a voice for the consumer during the frenzy leading up the passage of the 2005 Bankruptcy Reform Act. I do have some mixed feelings about Professor Warren’s candidacy. Having her become part of the “establishment” as a cabinet member does cause me to worry that her shrill acuity and advocacy may be muted and at worst, silenced. As an outspoken voice of superlative credibility, if she fails at the position because she will not “tow the line”, then I fear that her credibility and standing might be tarnished or compromised. However, in this reform-minded era I can also flip over and say, “Go get’em Elizabeth!” I am torn…and still in shock to learn of the pending appointment.

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